All Our Children Meow and Woof: 2007 Autumn Photo Spread

All Our Children Meow and Woof

I created this blog to sort through my emotions as Finnegan, a great Irish Wolfhound, fought bone cancer for nearly 26 months. Fortunately, his battle subsided for many months and during the course of the 26 months, I shared stories about his feline siblings. On August 8, 2008, Finny passed on in my husband's and my arms. He fought the good fight and he will always have a special place in my heart. *If you have a question, please write me at finnegandog at gmail dot com.*

Monday, October 22, 2007

2007 Autumn Photo Spread

Humans are weird. Period. I could stop there but I will finish my thought. Mama and I did our photo shoot Saturday morning in the back yard with Emma Steinfeld's significant other, Al. Of course it kept raining while we posed for photographs. When it did, we ran under the tree, waited for a break in the clouds, and then posed again. Mama is a wuss and insisted on kneeling on a towel while I reclined in the wet grass. But that's okay, I'm Irish and enjoy a good overcast day. So Al took about 100 or so photographs of us and Mama kept worrying about the circles under her eyes, her hair, and her smile. All I can say is one of is photogenic and you all know who that it is, right? Right? Oh yeah.

I find the concept of smiling odd. If a doggy smiles, it's considered snarling, growling or showing our teeth. If a mama does it, she is supposed to be happy, jolly, or enjoying herself. What's with that? And she kept trying to brush me all morning and I would have nothing to do with it; alas, my disheveled look. I know you all are wondering where the photos are because clearly, you could not care less about my beautiful prose. TOO BAD! But the photographer is editing them a lot because Mama takes bad pictures, something about dark circles, weird smile, funny looking (Mama: hey! that's enough!). So when we get the disk and get permission from Mr. Al, we will post a few so you can see the beauty that is Finnegan and the...the...Mamaness that is Mama.


Anonymous Emma said...

The pictures are not being edited because someone THINKS she has dark circles under her eyes. Oy. And, after I deleted the blurry ones, I think we've got about 230 shots. ;)

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Jerry G Dawg said...

Hmmm, did Mama stay out too late and pawty the night before?

What we all want to know, however, is did Finny wear a kilt?

7:33 PM  
Blogger Girl Girl Hamster said...

I bet you're the photogenic one that looks great in all the photos Finnegan

~ Girl girl

3:35 AM  
Blogger Biggie-Z said...

hi finny! so did your mommy use moose in your hair? i cant wait to see some of your pretty photos!

big toothy smiles,

6:44 PM  
Blogger PerfectTosca said...

Oooooooo I can't wait to see your cute IW face in those pictures!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

We can't wait!!!


11:04 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Bring on the photos, Finn!

I'm glad you went for the dishevelled look, man. I always say that natural is the way.

Just how much Mamaness are we going to see here?

Goober love,

3:57 AM  

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