All Our Children Meow and Woof: Coming Soon!

All Our Children Meow and Woof

I created this blog to sort through my emotions as Finnegan, a great Irish Wolfhound, fought bone cancer for nearly 26 months. Fortunately, his battle subsided for many months and during the course of the 26 months, I shared stories about his feline siblings. On August 8, 2008, Finny passed on in my husband's and my arms. He fought the good fight and he will always have a special place in my heart. *If you have a question, please write me at finnegandog at gmail dot com.*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming Soon!

I have been asked to review the newest DVD by Cesar Milan! This comes just in time for our new friend, Rudy. Oh, Rudy. He's a charming devil. I will be giving away one free copy of the DVD. My plan is to watch the series this weekend and to write up a review as soon as possible so the kind folks who asked me to do this review do not become frustrated with me. I apologize! For those of you who read periodically, if you would not mind passing on the word about this contest, I would greatly appreciate it! And also, I am probably going to do some more writing on this blog because I'm finding I might want to work on my critter writing. Perhaps a book can come out of all the critter stories from my life? Oh my, I must be dreaming, a very very pleasant dream.


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What's the contest?

or, in Rudyspeak,


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