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All Our Children Meow and Woof

I created this blog to sort through my emotions as Finnegan, a great Irish Wolfhound, fought bone cancer for nearly 26 months. Fortunately, his battle subsided for many months and during the course of the 26 months, I shared stories about his feline siblings. On August 8, 2008, Finny passed on in my husband's and my arms. He fought the good fight and he will always have a special place in my heart. *If you have a question, please write me at finnegandog at gmail dot com.*

Friday, February 09, 2007

All You Can Eat Finnegan Buffet

Last night, Mummy started making dinner and so I decided to join her in the kitchen. The menu consisted of vegetarian tacos and guacamole. Huh? Can anyone explain why my Mummy and Daddy don't eat meat? So weird. Anyway, I am at the PERFECT height to reach things off of the counter. No need to jump, put my paw up, or anything! I am chin level with the counter and of course this makes for easy grabbing. While Mummy cleaned the dishes, I noticed something that smelled won-der-ful on the counter in a grocery bag. Mmmmmm.... So while I thought Mummy was not looking, I carefully reached up and started pulling the yummy goodness toward me. I thought I almost had it when I heard:

"FINNEGAN NO!" and the delectable and delicious treat was snatched away. What's with that? So what if Evil Cold Mummy had already given me two treats specifically made for dogs. So what if I already had dinner. I WANTED THAT ITEM!

And can you guess what that item was? The item I so desperately wanted?

A whole avocado.


Blogger Stacey said...

Hey Finn,
I don't think that my hoomans have ever
given me avocado before but they did
have it in a salad once.
And when are you going to do some more
movies? My mum is really keen to watch them.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

3:18 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

Hey Finn,

They should have let you have the avocado. I mean, shoot - you almost had it so why not.

Man, I wish I was as tall as the counter.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Finnegan said...

Mummy is a VERY VERY MEAN PERSON. She will not give me whatever I want whenever I want. No fair.

As far as the movies, there is soooo much snow, it is hard to really move around in it! In a small city in upstate New York (about 300 miles from us), they have ten feet (3.05 meters) of snow! We only have a couple feet but still!

Tomorrow, Mummy and I will try to do some filming.


12:40 PM  
Blogger PerfectTosca said...

Finney my big handsome man, you can have anything you want. If it isn't offered then just take it man! You deserve it.

I'm a great counter surfer because no matter how far back The Woman pushes things, I got a nose like an anteater.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Finnster,

I'm not sure if it's a bonus or a curse to be as high as counter level.

On the one paw, not only can you smell the fine stuff, you can see and reach the goodies.

On the other paw, you can see and reach the goodies and get so close but then, evil human intervenes.

So close, but so far.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

2:22 AM  
Blogger Cubby said...

Don't feel bad about stealing an avacado. My moms don't eat meat either. That reducues me to stealing the closest thing to meat - cheese. You have to do what you have to do when there's no meat to steal...

3:57 PM  
Blogger Fu Fu said...

Hey Finny, you like avocado??? It's so giid that you're tall and can reach the counter top. I'm so short that I can't reach anything..

~ fufu

1:55 AM  

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