All Our Children Meow and Woof: I'm a Walker, I'm a Pusher, I'm a real life Wolfhound

All Our Children Meow and Woof

I created this blog to sort through my emotions as Finnegan, a great Irish Wolfhound, fought bone cancer for nearly 26 months. Fortunately, his battle subsided for many months and during the course of the 26 months, I shared stories about his feline siblings. On August 8, 2008, Finny passed on in my husband's and my arms. He fought the good fight and he will always have a special place in my heart. *If you have a question, please write me at finnegandog at gmail dot com.*

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm a Walker, I'm a Pusher, I'm a real life Wolfhound

The above title is sung to "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band. This weekend I went on TWO WHOLE WALKS. We went down the street, around the corner, and down to the park where my mom took me off leash and let me sniff and bounce around. Each day, she is going to take me out on a little bit long walk so I can be really butch and strong. AHHHRRR! Sorry woof.

Well now I'm a pusher. That is I'm pushing National Canine Cancer Foundation. Like I said earlier, it is an organization that raises money to find the cure for or better treatments for canine cancer. Obviously, most people would prefer to donate to human cancer causes, which is great. BUT, because I am not a human, I have a vested interest in finding a cure so other doggies do not have to go through the same ordeal as I have. So if you want to donate, here is the link that will add on to the money mommy and daddy donated:

Like I said, today I'm a pusher but hey, it's a good woofy cause. Thanks!

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Blogger Sunshade said...

Hi Finn,

I am so impressed by your strength, your parents' dedication. You remind me so much of an Irish Wolfhound I saw on Animal Planet once, his name was Murphey and he survived osteosarcoma as well. I seem to recall he was in Colorado too, but can't say exact.

Anyway, nice to meet you, and I'll be checking back!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

4:43 AM  

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